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I was talking with a friend last night about her dealbreakers and mine and thought I'd write up my own post about it. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt like posting my "Gotta Haves" instead. So here they are:

1. MUST BE HONEST. So some people consider themselves honest people because they don't knowingly lie to others. This is a base level honesty imo, what I'm looking for is a bit more than that: someone who is willing to be honest and direct about their feelings (which means they need to be aware of their feelings), the state of our relationship, their goals, etc. I'm an extremely open person and I think it's fair to expect that to be reciprocated to some extent. I can't emphasize #1 enough, it's that important.

2. Must be a gamer. Preferably someone who enjoys a wide variety of games, not just video games or RPGs or whatever.

3. Likes to read. I'm a book nerd and I like to talk about books - I even made an Excel spreadsheet of the books I've read for goodness sake.

4. Likes diversity/variety. In all things - food, books, movies, games, etc. Not saying you should love everything I love but we should be able to explore a wide variety of things together. And also accepting of differences - I've lived in many different places and I have a fairly broad view of the world. An America-centric point of view won't sit too well with me. Basically I regard any relationship I'm in as cross-cultural and you probably should too. (Kinda think maybe I need to elaborate more on this one, but not right now.)

5. Adventurous. This kind of ties into #4. Basically a degree of openness to new experiences and interest in trying new things.

6. Knows who they are and what they want out of life. Not that you have every detail worked out or that you can't change your mind about it, but a certain degree of self knowledge and personal goals is important.

What about you? What are your dealbreakers and gotta haves?

ETA: Thought of one more: Must be snuggly. Cuddling while watching movies/TV is one of my favorite things to do XD
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