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This video highlights some of why I love Akihabara. I can't wait to go back! So many games, so many toys, so much cool geeky stuff!
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This old Zelda commercial is an amusing blast from the past.

Also this video of a 5-year-old trying out the new PS3 controller is interesting.
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This is SO GOOD!

What's your favorite part? I think for me it has to be the dancing.
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This Evolution of Dance video is six minutes of rad.
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This is an ad for a weird Japanese RPG. What, a weird Japanese game? No, I didn't believe it either. ;-)


Feb. 21st, 2006 10:20 am
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"Geeks in Love" is somewhat amusing.

Even more amusing is this ridiculously cute kitten.
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This instructional video on going to a sushi-ya is very silly.
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How wrong is this? *grin*
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First is this weird Michael Jackson video game movie. I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

Then there's the video game sound quiz, which is kinda cool. What's your score?
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This is hilarious (and sounds familiar). Not that I would ever say such things. No, never. How much of a dork do you think I am?
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Have you ever gone to the grocery store and bought the wrong thing? Like the Wrong Bananas, perhaps?

And these guys are so 1337 it hurts.
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Hehe, gotta love the Legend of Zelda dance video.
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This video, on the other hand, is truly horrifying. I couldn't even make myself watch the whole thing, it made me so mad. We'll just say that the kid in this video, were he my child, would probably never regain his Xbox privileges ever again.

On a slightly related sidenote, it amazes me how many parents think they can hand their job off to underpaid public employees.
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This video will make you smile.


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