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So I watched the season premiere of The Bachelor tonight, I'm ashamed to say. I don't know what it is, but when left to my own devices I will watch the crappiest TV I can find. It's kind of like eating chocolate in secret when you're supposed to be on a diet. Admittedly, I was also avoiding my reading for the Gandhi class (which has turned out to be such a disappointment - it should be interesting but it's so not). That's really no excuse, though. Mostly the show was what I expected: sensationalist, materialistic and annoying. (Oh, and I did take a break from it to watch the Kevin Smith interview on TechTV.) One thing I thought was sort of interesting though, and that was when the bachelor (his name's Jesse Palmer and he's a football player with the NY Giants, if you care) talked about how freeing it was to talk about how he wanted kids and marriage and stuff, and how one doesn't normally talk about those things on a first date.

Why not?! I used to buy into these "rules" about what you do and don't talk about while in the beginning stages of dating. However, in recent years I've become a big fan of honesty. Why get into something when you're not even willing to be clear about what that something is, or where it is leading to? It's really been wonderful being able to be completely frank with Brian - I've been pleased with myself for I've been very open with him about what I want and where things could go. I've been even more pleased with him - he's responded with the same kind of openness, and with an appreciation for my openness. It's so great! It's scary too, but I can deal with that. And I don't think it's as scary as this fumbling around in the dark thing that most people seem to be doing (or like I used to do). In short, I love him and The Bachelor is just as stupid as I thought, however much value it may have as a sociological experiment.

Oh, and yesterday Brian, Zack and I went to see Scooby Doo 2 and then had dinner together. The movie was dumb, but I suspect I enjoyed it the most out of the three of us. Zack was a bit bored by it, I think. Brian nearly squeezed the life out of my hand, I'm not sure why. I think it had something to do with how awful he found the movie. But overall, I really enjoyed the time with them. In the beginning I thought it would be really weird and awkward dating someone with a kid, but I forgot one crucial fact about myself - I really like children. Zack, in particular, is a wonderful kid, sharing many of his father's wonderful imaginative qualities, and he seems to like me too. I even get to read to him sometimes! I'm looking forward to taking him to the zoo sometime - I've been wanting to have a kid I can take to the zoo. (I love the zoo!) They are coming over for dinner next week to meet my family, especially my parents, and I'm both excited and nervous.


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