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Just a little update. My beloved Shini (my truck) has a new adornment - I went down to San Jose on Monday and bought a shell for her. So she's even more functional now, and I think it looks pretty good, too. Much thanks to my dad for setting things up and being the boy scout he typically is, as I was preoccupied this last weekend and unable to deal with it, and also to [livejournal.com profile] john_whorfin for helping us check it out and put it on my baby. So many wonderful friends and family in my life!

I think we should plan a camping trip sometime in the near future (in warmer weather!!!) and load Shini up with stuff. *grin*
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I took Shini in to have her transmission looked at this morning. I didn't think there was anything seriously wrong with her, but she's a little chunky when she shifts, so I thought it would be best to have it looked at. I took it to Coast Transmissions - the guy there is very nice and quite competent. I have her back already; apparently nothing seriously wrong, she's just a little rough because of the mileage (90k miles wears a truck down a bit). I'm relieved to find out that she's fine, of course. :-)
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Clicky click for trucky!! )
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So I finally sat down with my parents and discussed details, and they've agreed to lend me money to buy a truck. I'm very grateful to them for their help! They're lending me about $4000, I'm looking for a smaller truck (no longbeds!), preferably with a shell though not necessary. An extended cab would be a bonus, too, since I need it to seat at least 3 people (one of them a smaller person). Obviously I can't afford anything really nice, but low mileage is WAY more important to me than appearance.

Anyway, I'm looking around, checking craigslist and other places, but if anyone out there knows of anything, let me know. I'm not in a huge rush, because I refuse to purchase under time pressure, but I'm hoping to find something soonish.



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