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With a combination of moonwhispersmy sweetie's Amazon.com gift certificate, Amazon.com discount and money from his mom, we will soon have bakeware (some nonstick and some pyrex) and nice new nonstick pans. Happy happy joy joy!!! *dance dance*
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I remember something funny I did when I was 3 or 4 years old. I was lying in bed, trying to avoid falling asleep - I really have never liked sleeping, because I always feel like I'm going to miss something. I want to get the maximum out of life! I've always been that way. Anyway, I was lying there and wondering what it would be like to fall out of bed. I thought that maybe I would just sort of drift down and it would be kind of fun.

Well, it being me, and me being a rather foolhardy adventurous type, I decided to try it. I should mention that I was sleeping in the top of a bunk bed. So I just rolled over and fell out and landed on the floor. It was fun until I landed - that hurt. My father came running and helped me back into bed. I can't remember how or if I explained what had happened, but I never forgot the experience - neither the sensation of falling, nor the pain of the landing. I also remember that the shock of falling was worse than the actual pain; the feeling was something like "What? I hit the floor really hard? But that wasn't supposed to happen!" I was outraged and I felt betrayed.

When I fell in love the first time, the experience was almost exactly like that. First I thought about it, then I made my decision and leapt into it. And it ended painfully, with a terrible shock and betrayal.

I never tried to fall out of bed again. But I did try jumping off of a shed with an umbrella, and that turned out okay, oddly enough, even though the odds were against it working out.

*opens an umbrella*


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