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I had fun at Death Guild last night, though I'm kinda tired and bleary-eyed this morning. I came home earlier than usual, so the tiredness could be more of a result of the reading I did when I went to bed, heh.

It was interesting to me to realize how goth style has changed. There were a lot of new people - posers, tourists and freaks - last night because of the History channel taping, and in the process of assessing their clothes in comparison to The Uniform, I realized how The Uniform has changed over the years. I never really wore The Uniform much myself back in the day, partly because I didn't have the time or the resources to do it properly. When I went back to going to DG after some years' hiatus, I deliberately chose not to wear The Uniform, because it was uncomfortable and hot, so I did a more comfortable (and less expensive/time consuming!) version. Anyway, it was an interesting realization. Also, I'm out of touch with a lot of the music they play, another factor that came to my attention last night because they played a few more old favorites. (Although they played a bit more techno/industrial than usual - I'd never heard that industrial cover of Prince's "Get Off" before; it amused me.)

Anyway, on my way to the club, I stopped by moonwhispersBrian's to drop some things off, and he took some pictures of me all gussied up for the club. You can view them here.
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This video amuses me greatly. I love Wham!

Edit: This too, amuses me.

I think today is Goth in Recovery Day. Heh. Does this mean I have to wear pink today?


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